Mother speaks for the pain after 2nd blow to the head from her son. She also seeks help from the authorities

“I have limited use of one of my knees because of a really bad kick years ago. He’s pulled on my hair. I’ve had scrapes. I’ve had bruises,” Helou said.

She reluctantly calls their relationship “volatile” and said his outbursts are unpredictable and uncontrollable.

“You try and control it. You try and get him to calm down. These moments are not everyday. But I’ve always had that fear because he’s so strong that one day he might really hurt me.
And that day came on Oct. 26, when Noah was punching his face and ripping at his skin.
“We were trying to control it, to get him to stop, because he had already had marks and welts on his face,” she said.

She also adds that at the moment she was trying to get him to calm down,he turned around and he hited her really hard on the head.
“I’m not giving up on him even I’am not saying take him. No, but help me. Give me the tools in the meantime, because unfortunately, anxiety had set in. I get scared,” she said.

“When parents get injured, there needs to be a crisis response for parents of adults with disabilities. If something happens to us, there needs to be an immediate response. Where can we go for help? If it wasn’t for the support team that just took over every aspect of his [Noah’s] life, I don’t know what I would have done. We need that support to do this everyday.”

Response from Developmental Services Ontario
There is one main point of access in Ontario that facilitates support services for parents like Helou.

“If the person needed immediate out-of-home placement in a group home, would that be available? Not in all likelihood,” he said. “Access to service is not predictable.”

“In an ideal world, we would have services readily available to meet everyone’s needs, but we aren’t living in an ideal world.”

“With this, this almost put the icing on the cake for me to get hurt that bad,” said Ms.Helou

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