8 Reasons Why Shih Tzus Are The Best Dog Breed

There are approximately 340 dog breeds as recognized by World Canine Organization (FCI) which is the world governing body of dog breeds. Among all the small dog breeds, Shih Tzus is one of the most popular dog breed.

Ever wonder why? Or do you get stumped when people asked you why Shih Tzus is your favorite dog breed? Check out these 8 reasons below!


Since the early 20th century, Shih Tzus were gifted as companion animals to royalties. Being people-friendly, affectionate and loyal by nature, they are perfect family dogs in modern days as they love to follow you everywhere you go and curl up on your lap or snuggle close to you whenever possible.

Shih Tzus crave for attention and companion more than freedom and they are also not adventure seekers, as such, they will stay around you as much as you want them to.


If you hate finding dog hair on your clothes, bed, everywhere in your house and even inside your food, you will definitely love Shih Tzus. They are among the few dog breeds whose coat is made up of hair instead of fur.

Similar to us humans, Shih Tzus do shed their hair daily but constant lint rolling is not required.


Shih Tzus are generally small in size and they do not require huge spaces to roam around. In addition, they are normally not big barkers as compared to other toy breeds which is why they are perfect to keep them in apartments no matter how compact is.

Besides being one of the best dog candidates for apartments, their small size and docile nature allows you to bring them everywhere, including parks, malls or even carrying them around in your bag.


No matter how you are feeling, looking at their cute and adorable face will definitely cheer you up. As they tend to be high energy, they love to play and can sometimes be mischievous in their attempts to bait you to join in the fun with them.


Unlike other dog breeds which typically have one color or a variety of a few colors, Shih Tzus are a very colourful dog breed. According to American Kennel Club (AKC), Shih Tzu comes in 14 different colors and three different markings. What’s even more fascinating is the coat color of a Shih Tzu can change over time. Shih Tzus pups can be born with a solid color hair, a combination of two colors or even a mixture of three colors.

Besides their rainbow color coat, Shih Tzu’s long and straight coat also allow dog owners to create very versatile look for their fur baby each time.


Being high energy by nature, these little fur balls enjoy both indoor and outdoor sports such as splashing in the pool, playing fetch, going for long walks or even just chasing after their own tails. One bonus point is that since they do not have high prey drives, they can go for long walks without being distracted by small animals.

In addition, try dressing them up in costumes and you will definitely be pleasantly surprised as Shih Tzus can pull off almost any look in different costumes.


Shih Tzus are generally people-friendly breed and they get along very well with other dogs, animals and their gentle nature make them perfect companions for children as well. They are also chosen as therapy dogs or service dogs.

Being outgoing, Shih Tzus bond very quickly with humans – hence whenever you have any friends or family visiting you, fret not that they will bark at them. Just give him/her a little treat, play fetch with him/her and they will become best friends.


Similar to most small dog breeds, Shih Tzus typically have a long life expectancy of between 12-15 years. In fact, Smokey from Florida had lived up to 23 years old and was believed to be the oldest living Shih Tzu.

Despite suffering from most of the health issues that small dog breeds face, they are in overall, a pretty healthy dog breed. However, it is important to understand the potential health issues and look out for them to prolong their expectancy.