UK votes Leave AGAIN: Farage’s Brexit Party set for HUGE win in European elections – poll

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage casts his vote in the EU elections
Credit : Daily Mail

BRITAIN voted for Brexit again yesterday as millions vented their anger over the failure to leave the EU.

In what was effectively a second referendum, Nigel Farage’s newly formed Brexit Party was heading for a runaway success in the European elections which would not have happened if we had left the European Union as promised on March 29. Casting his vote, a jubilant Mr Farage declared that he wanted to be the shortest-serving MEP in history, saying: “If you want Brexit, you’ve got to vote Brexit.” He added: “We did it once, they ignored us, so we’re going to tell them again.”

Months of frustrating Brexit deadlock has triggered a ferocious backlash against the country’s two main parties with both the Conservatives and Labour left facing a ballot-box bloodbath.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Tory party was heading for a historic defeat as final polls showed they could plunge below the Greens into fifth place with just nine percent of the vote when the final result is announced on Sunday night.

The dismal score, less than half that of the Liberal Democrats, would be the worst Conservative result in the European Parliament elections since they began 40 years ago.

It would also be the lowest support for the Conservative Party in a national election since at least the First World War.

High profile defectors to the Brexit Party, such as former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe, have compounded the situation.

Despite the gloomy polls and her expected imminent departure from Downing Street, Mrs May put on a brave face as she voted in Sonning, Berkshire, with husband Philip yesterday.

Leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage (left) and President of the European Commission Juncker (Image: REUTERS/GETTY)

North West MEP Sajjad Karim warned yesterday: “We will be annihilated” while fellow Conservative Daniel Hannan added: “‘We’re looking, not just at a Corbyn government, but at the end of our party as a viable movement.”

Conservative MP for Romford, east London Andrew Rosindell summed up the public dismay as he said: “Just voted Conservatives and met lots of angry residents streaming into the polling station at Marshalls Park School who were mostly warm and friendly and thanked me for staying true to Brexit, but furious with our PM and Party – majority were voting for the Brexit Party.”

The Brexit Party is on course to be the runaway winner in the vote with an Ipsos Mori poll yesterday putting them on 35 per cent.

The Liberal Democrats come next on 20 percent with Labour mustering only 15 per cent.

The Green Party is forecast to win 10 percent of the vote with the Tories struggling on nine percent.

Both Ukip and Change UK are each predicted to secure three percent of the vote.

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